Cover Reveal: Empire of Savages

Cover Reveal: Empire of Savages


I'm super excited to share the cover reveal for Empire of Savages (EoS), right here and right now. Isn't Soj gorgeous?? 

Last year, I began promoting this book under a different title - Rampage. The decision to change the title wasn't a light one. It really got me thinking about how enticing the title would be to readers, and Rampage just didn't feel like the right direction. After I started brainstorming different options, Empire of Savages sounded right to me. It's a gut feeling when it comes to titling a book. 

Now, this story has a past. Originally it was written in 2018, and was part of The Romance Collaborative's first series, Cell Block C. Freya Barker, Alex Grayson, Melissa Toppen and Gianna Gabriella and I got together to create this collaborative in the hopes of putting together a series of shared worlds. Unfortunately, the Collaborative disbanded after the first release, but you can still find more information on the Cell Block C world on Goodreads.

The Nick originally in this book was more cinnamon-roll than dominating alphahole, and although I liked him and he got the job done, he didn't feel right for my brand anymore. The harder, more vindictive version of him was lurking in the back of my mind. It was just a shame that it took me six years to get it re-written and re-released.

If you'd like to read the original version of Taking the Fall, you can grab your copy here.

Stay tuned for more, Dolls. The blurb reveal is coming soon!

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