Empire of Savages: Update #1

Empire of Savages: Update #1


⚠️ Be warned: rambling ahead. ⚠️

I am so excited to finally get the edits back for Empire of Savages. This book has been (what feels like) a long time coming and getting through the edits and proofread are a HUGE milestone in the publishing journey. 

The book finished up at over 87,000 words (not a bad effort) and there's even a bonus scene which will be available to my newsletter subscribers at release (but you will be getting it much, much sooner!) The ARCs will be going out August 27 but as a Platinum Member, you will be receiving it much much sooner 😉

If you don't already know, Empire of Savages is a re-write of another book I released back in 2018 called Taking the Fall. You can read more about it in this post.

I'm really happy with how it's turned out, and now that the proofreading is done, I can get started on formatting the paperbacks! I will also have a gorgeous discreet hardback special editions (which I'll be sharing here first). Here's a sneak peek of the first double-page spread of the paperback, which I think is going to look AMAZING. I'm in love with how it's turning out. 

I'll have these available to purchase on my website, and also at any signing events I have coming up.

That's it for now. Stay smutty and keep reading!

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